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Do you have a high school sophomore, junior, or senior who is planning to dual enroll, take the TSI, ACT, or SAT? Is your family barreling at light-speed toward the college application process? Would you like for your student to receive writing coaching to prepare them for writing the essays associated with the TSI, ACT, SAT? Does your teen need help with the essays required on the common app? How about reading skills or grammar skills? Does your teen need to brush up on the skills that are required to be successful on the reading comprehension and editing portions of these tests? This semester-long class will provide your student direct instruction in writing effective essays in timed situations, practice in writing within time constraints, feedback and directions for improving writing, and the opportunity to complete a polished draft of two essays which can be used for college application essays. In addition, we will work on critical reading and analysis skills and review key grammar and editing concepts which are tested on these tests. Students will take at least one practice TSI, ACT, and SAT.

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