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Welcome Cammie Biss Fleming

Posted on June 15, 2018 at 8:10 AM

During the spring semester of 2017, I had the idea to develop and offer a course that helps students prepare for the writing portions of standardized tests, like the SAT, ACT, TSI, and AP exams, and the essays required for the common application. This idea came after a discussion with a good friend regarding the positives and negatives of a program that her son participated in the previous summer. One of the limitations of the program, in her mind, was the lack of one-on-one interaction and feedback with the instructor. So I set about researching different programs and the different kinds of writing required on the exams, along with the different expectations for those writing samples, based on the testing agency's published rubrics. The resulting class, Writing for College Apps, is published on REACH Math and Science Academy's course schedule and listed as in our course offerings. I am excited about the potential for this class and its ability to help students achieve their dreams and goals. However, with the demands of family life and the other classes I teach, developing this class has consistently been pushed to the back burner.

Enter Cammie Fleming. I first met Cammie two years ago as a homeschooling mom, interested in courses at REACH. At that time, I was unaware  of her hidden super powers. When my own twelve-year-old, who hates writing (we'll skip talking about the irony of a language arts teacher's son hating writing, for now) enrolled in one of her writing classes, her super power was revealed. She is a gifted teacher who is able to connect with students on a personal level and draw their very best out of them. Let me introduce you to Cammie.
Cammie Fleming is an eclectic educator with extensive experience in the field of education, including classroom teaching, teacher training, professional development, curriculum development, and school administration. After eye-opening stints in the Harvard Development and Admissions Offices, Cammie developed and operated her own professional practices in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she worked with students in the areas of Education Mentorship and Admissions Prep, guiding them in streamlining their preparedness for select prep schools, colleges, and universities. Here is a list of just a few of the prestigious institutions that Cammie's students have gained admissions: 

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • West Point
  • the Naval Academy
  • Villanova
  • Greenwich Academy
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Brunswick Academy

Additionally, she has worked as the private tutor for many of Washington D.C.’s political elite, providing assistance in essay refinement, test prep, extracurricular management, and youth life-coaching.

After 9/11, Cammie’s family relocated from NYC to the Austin area. Currently, Cammie owns and operates Bee Write Author Training, which offers young authors a casual studio setting for author mentorship, skill discovery, invigorating teamwork, and enthusiastic camaraderie. Bee Write teaches the basics of writing, while allowing budding writers a safe space to observe and participate in the process, without assessment, measurement, or critique. Bee Write Author Training was conceived through Cammie's graduate degree in Education from Harvard University in School Administration/Education Policy.  Her particular focus continues to be on the redevelopment of the teaching profession. It is in the spirit of redeveloping education that she continues to create new teaching models, centered on positivity and personal giftedness. Cammie incorporates these original models in Bee Write Studios, in private tutoring, and in educating her own five, homeschooled children.

Cammie's personality, professionalism, and commitment to education make her the perfect facilitator for the Writing for College Apps course.  Novel Ideas is excited to partner with Cammie and Bee Write Author Training to develop and offer Writing for College Applications as well as other classes. I can't wait to see what incredible things happen for our students this school year and in the years to come. Please join me in welcoming Cammie to our classrooms. Your students will benefit from her expertise, just as my own twelve-year-old has.

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