Novel Ideas:

  Language Arts Classes for the College Bound

Meet Chaun McGuire:

Chaun McGuire has been teaching for more than 20 years.  For the last seven years, she has been homeschooling her own children:  three boys, aged 12, 7, and 6.  As a homeschooler, she has regularly taught at various co-ops, and those teaching experiences lead to creating Novel Ideas.  Here is a brief run down of Chaun's education, preparation and experience:

--BA in English Education from University of West Florida

--MA in English with a specialization in Rhetoric and Composition from Indiana State University

--Adjunct instructor in English at both Pensacola State College and Indiana State University

--English teacher for Escambia County School District at Escambia High School.

Meet Cammie Fleming

For the 2018-2019 academic year, Cammie Fleming, owner of Bee Write Author Training, is joining forces with Novel Ideas.  She will be teaching Writing for College Apps.  Cammie Fleming is an eclectic educator with extensive experience in the field of education, including classroom teaching, teacher training, professional development, curriculum development, and school administration. After eye-opening stints in the Harvard Development and Admissions Offices, Cammie developed and operated her own professional practices in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she worked with students in the areas of Education Mentorship and Admissions Prep, guiding them in streamlining their preparedness for select prep schools, colleges, and universities. Here is a list of just a few of the prestigious institutions that Cammie's students have gained admissions: 

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • West Point
  • the Naval Academy
  • Villanova
  • Greenwich Academy
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Brunswick Academy
Additionally, she has worked as the private tutor for many of Washington D.C.’s political elite, providing assistance in essay refinement, test prep, extracurricular management, and youth life-coaching.  

2018-2019 Schedule of Courses:

 REACH Round Rock Campus
 REACH Cedar Park Campus
9:30-11:00 Middle School Language Arts I
9:30-11:00 Intro to Literature
 11:00-12:30 Writing for College Apps*
 11:00-12:30 American Literature*
1:00-2:30 Middle School Language Arts II
1:00-2:30 Middle School Language Arts II
2:30-4:00 British Literature*
2:30-4:00 College Writing*

*Registration in these courses requires prior approval from the instructor.  If you are interested in enrolling in either one of these, please email [email protected] or call 512-591-1154